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The Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET S.A. is a state-owned company, operating under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education - General Secretariat for Research and Technology. Its mission is to provide high-quality Infrastructure and services to the academic, research and educational community of Greece, and to disseminate ICT to the general public.
GRNET is the National Research and Education Network (NREN) provider, operating the Greek Academic network, that connects local universities and research institutions via dark fibre at speeds up to 10Gbps, and offering to the Greek R&E community access to the pan-European GEANT network through 4x10Gbps links.
GRNET also plays a key role at national level in the field of distributed and large-scale research infrastructures including Grid, Cloud and HPC. The company coordinates the Greek National Grid Initiative – HellasGrid, with more than 1,400 CPUs and 200 Terabytes of storage and is member of EGI pan-European Grid infrastructure. GRNET has developed and operates its own public IaaS cloud solution named Okeanos, offering cloud resources to the Greek Universities.

  • Academic ID
    • AcademicID acquisition e-service gives the ability to all undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students of Greek universities and Technical Educational Institutions to submit an electronic application for a new academic identity.
  • Eudoxus
    • Eudoxus is a digital innovative service (http:/ for the immediate and integrated provision of university books to Higher Education students.
  • Okeanos IaaS Cloud
    • The cloud computing service provides computing resources and 50GB of storage resources to all members of the Greek education and research communities.
  • University Mobile Internet
    • The University Mobile Internet package is a 3G connection package, with 4GB data volume, offered exclusively for students, teachers and staff of the Greek Universities and Colleges, at the price of 4.74 euros per month.
    • With Diodos students can obtain a permanent ADSL or wireless connection at minimal cost for the entire duration of their studies.
    • Atlas is a central web service  to promote interconnection between host organizations providing internship placements and all Greek Academic Institutions, by creating a unique database of internship placements available for selection by Institutions.
    • Academic System for the Free Distribution of Commercial Software and Services. The software is offered to undergraduate and graduate students, members of the academic / research personnel of Universities and Research Centers.
  • Diavlos
    • Diavlos is GRNET’s live web streaming service. Diavlos provides access to live digital webcasts of lectures, seminars, artistic and other events organized or hosted by important cultural institutions (such as concert halls, museums, conference centers etc) as well as educational and research institutions, and is primarily addressed to the Greek Research and Academic community.
  • e:Presence
    • e:Presence is offered to the academic and research community in Greece, enabling its members to schedule and conduct videoconferences which are characterized by high quality and interactivity.


The Greek Universities Academic Network GUnet is a civil non-profit corporation founded on September 12, 2000, located in Athens with members all the Academic Institutions of Greek Higher Education. The aims of the company are determined by the broadband network needs and aspirations of the academic community in the context of the Information Society with aiming at servicing the research and education.
Today it offers to the academic community a set of services and applications like:


The screencast application can transmit live the screen of your computer, anywhere in the world without requiring any software installation or registration. Transmit your screen, without restriction. Your colleagues or your students can see the transmission of your screen from their personal computers or mobile devices, wherever they are, without having to install any software.


Web conference

The service enables communication of up to 10 simultaneous users with video, audio and written text, from any computer that is connected to the internet. In addition, there is the possibility of sharing the screen of the participants for presentations or any other application.