Department of Informatics and Telematics

ΕΠ245 - Mobile Application Development

General Information

School: Digital Technology

Department: Informatics and Telematics

Level: Undergraduate

Course Title: Mobile Application Development

Course id: ΕΠ245

Type: Core Course 

Semester: 5

Teaching and Examination Language: Greek

Is the course offered in Erasmus: Yes

Course web-page:


Lectures (Theory): 3,0

Lab lectures: 0,0

ECTS credits: 5,0

Learning Outcomes

The objective of this course is the hands-on exercise in programming environments for the development of complex applications that combine informatics and communication technologies. At the end of the course, the students are expected to be able to:
- Combine technologies for the implementation of complex applications which are composed of heterogeneous components
- Design and develop complex system architectures
- Develop applications using libraries of high abstraction level as well as APIs
- Understand to a great extend the principles of operation of mobile devices
- Leverage on system resources in a way that all non-functional requirements of the application will be met

General Skills

- Decision making
- Independent work
- Promoting free, creating and deductive thought

Course Content

- Android OS
- Activities
- Intents
- ContentProviders and Persistence
- Services
- System Services & thrid-party APIs
- BroadcastReceivers
- Processes and threads
- Dependency injections
- Performance

Learning and Teaching Methods - Evaluation

Teaching methods: face-to-face

Use of ICT: 

- Android studio
- Organizing and disseminating material through OpenClass
- Communication through OpenClass and email
- Recording and broadcasting of the lecture in real time (youtube channel)

Course Organization



Semester work load



Lab exercises


Individual of group projects


Lab report preparation




Independent Study





The course grade is depended on the grade in two assignments that are announced during the semester. The final exam coincides with the examination of the second assignment. The assignments include the definition of a problem which the students must solve starting from the design, to the implementation to the validation of their programs. The assignments are delivered at a specified date and are evaluated by the tutor. The evaluation criteria are known beforehand already in the assignment announcement.


- Android για Προγραμματιστές, Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel, Abbey Deitel, Michael Morgano
- Μάθετε την Ανάπτυξη Εφαρμογών για το Android σε 24 Ώρες 2ή εκδ., Lauren Darcey,
Shane Conder