Department of Informatics and Telematics

Electronics Applications and IoT

EΠ246 - Electronic Applications in the Internet Of Things

General Information

School: Digital Technology

Department: Informatics and Telematics

Level: Undergraduate

Course Title: Electronic Applications in the Internet Of Things

Course id: ΥΠ07

Type: Core Course 

Semester: 6

Teaching and Examination Language: Greek

Is the course offered in Erasmus: Yes

Course web-page:


Lectures (Theory): 3,0

Lab lectures: 0,0

ECTS credits: 5,0

Learning Outcomes

The course is the basic introductory course in the design and analysis of electronic analog circuits used in computer science, telematics and the internet of things. Particular emphasis is placed on circuit implementation technologies that are key components of a modern computer circuit such as amplifiers, transistor gates, diodes, etc. At the same time, basic concepts of electronics such as Kirchoff's laws, input resistance and output concepts are presented. etc.

The course also contains a laboratory part which aims to familiarize students with the basic electronic circuits and their evaluation.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:
a) Understand the basic concepts of electronic analog circuits.
b) To know the basic methodologies for amplifier design.
c) To know the basic methodologies for the analysis of diode circuits.
d) To perform response measurements in the various analog circuits.
e) To know the basic parameters of analog circuits and amplifiers.

General Skills

- Independent work
- Team work

Course Content

1. Basic concepts of electronics
2. Kirchoff's laws
3. AC and DC analysis
4. General amplifier characteristics
5. Semiconductor diodes
6. Bipolar transistors I
7. Bipolar transistors II
8. Field effect transistors I
9. Field effect transistors II
10 Operational amplifiers
11. Microcontrollers
12. Sensors for IoT applications
13. System integration

Learning and Teaching Methods - Evaluation

Teaching methods: face-to-face

Use of ICT: 

eclass, youtube channel

Course Organization



Semester work load



Lab exercises


Individual of group projects


Lab report preparation




Independent Study





Final written examination (100%)


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