Department of Informatics and Telematics

Discrete Mathematics

ΥΠ09 - Discrete Mathematics

General Information

School: Digital Technology

Department: Informatics and Telematics

Level: Undergraduate

Course Title: Discrete Mathematics

Course id: ΥΠ09

Type: Background Course 

Semester: 1

Teaching and Examination Language: Greek

Is the course offered in Erasmus: Yes

Course web-page:


Lectures (Theory): 3,0

Lab lectures: 0,0

ECTS credits: 5,0

Learning Outcomes

The objective of this course is to offer a concise understanding of the basic principles of Discrete Mathematics, the Mathematics of Computer Science

General Skills

Search, analysis and synthesis of data and information
Adaptation in new conditions
Decision Making
Independent work
Work at an interdisciplinary framework
Formulation of new research ideas
Promoting reasoning and self improvement
Promoting free, creative and deductive reasoning

Course Content

1.        Elementary Combinatorics: Basic Counting Principles, Permutations and Combinations
2.        Generating Functions
3.        Recurrence  Relations
4.        Distributions and Occupancy
5.        Applications  of  the topics of the three first lectures to Computer Science
6.        Pólya enumeration theorem
7.        Inclusion-Exclusion Principle.
8.        Applications  of  the topics of the 6th and 7th  lectures to Computer Science
9.        Basic Principles of Graph Theory: Graphs, Euler and Hamiltonian Graphs
10.        Graph Coloring
11.        Trees
12.        Applications of Graph Theory to Computer Science

Learning and Teaching Methods - Evaluation

Teaching methods: face-to-face

Use of ICT: 

Support the learning process through the electronic platform e-class

Course Organization



Semester work load



Lab exercises


Individual of group projects


Lab report preparation




Independent Study





The evaluation of each student will be made with writing exams and/or interim written exams.


1.        C.L. Liu (2007). Elements of Discrete Mathematics. MCGRAW HILL COMPUTER SCIENCE SERIES.
2.        G. Voutsadakis, E. Kirousis, Ch. Bouras, P. Spyrakis (2008). Discrete Mathematics. Mathematics of Computer Science. Gutenberg Publishers. Athens. (in Greek)