Department of Informatics and Telematics

Title DIsmissal & unfavourable treatment of WOmen in Greek Workplace : Adopting an INtegrated and SystEmic approach of intervention Rights
Funding Instrument REC-RGEN-WWLB-AG-2018
Description The overall objective of the DIONE project is to address current and emerging challenges in terms of dismissal of women during and after pregnancy as well as unfavourable treatment due to parenthood leave, by establishing a virtual one-stop-shop, supporting all not only women who have been victims of discriminatory approach, but also competent public authorities. DIONE embraces an integrated ICT-based and systemic approach involving an interdisciplinary consortium of partners that will work towards common solutions in a social legal and political context that is characterized by uncertainty, turbulence and upset. An integrated platform that serves the role of reporting, self-evaluating and providing training, mentoring and networking activities is foreseen so as a virtual one-stop shop for women being dismissed and treated in private and public sector unfairly will be established. The platform will provide the following services: 1. Self-assessment toolkit for women, 2. Reporting database for workplace misconduct.
HUA's role  
Project Budget €27.392,00
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Duration 01/02/2019-31/01/2021
Contact person Iraklis Varlamis (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)