Undergraduate Study Program



The department provides a cutting-edge undergraduate study program featuring a contemporary curriculum meticulously crafted to address the demands of both the Greek and international IT markets. Our program is distinguished by its hands-on approach, ensuring the delivery of both foundational principles and practical expertise. We prioritize staying at the forefront of technological advancements by incorporating the latest research developments into our curriculum, with a special focus on elective courses. Check out the videos below to find out more for the University and the Department.



Welcome New Students!

Please consult this leaflet containing vital information for first-year students. Check out the (summer) welcome of our Dean.


To obtain an undergraduate degree you will need to accumulate a total of 240 ECTS credits, pass all obligatory courses and a number of elective courses offered in higher semesters. 

Study Guide

You can find the study guide of the program at this link


Please consult the regulation of the undergraduate program available here, to familiarize with student privelges and obligations.

Course Scheduling

Check out the latest course scedule for:

  • the spring 2023-2024 semester here
  • the winter 2023-2024 semester here
  • the spring 2022-2023 semester here

Check out the latest exam scedule for:

  • the spring 2023-2024 semester here,
  • the winter 2023-2024 semester here,
  • the spring 2022-2023 semester here.


You can find the program's curriculum below. Please consult the Onestop coursesApp for detailed ECTS descriptions.


 In order to complete the program, you will need to successfully defend your undergraduate thesis. Please review the regulation regarding the undergraduate thesis which is available here. Available thesis subjects are available at the Onestop platform at this link. You are encouraged to check out the following video in order to better familiarize yourself with key insights regarding successful defence of your thesis. Follow this link to check out previous theses assignments.


In their 6th and 8th semesters, students have the opportunity to engage in practical training within the Information Technology and Telecommunications sector, aligning with their computer science and telecommunications studies. The primary objective is to acquaint students with the professional landscape of these industries and facilitate the application of theoretical knowledge in a real-world context. Internships are designed to foster student specialization, equipping them to effectively tackle emerging challenges in the job market. Prerequisites for participation in the internship program include the completion of all but five courses for students in the sixth or eighth semester. Additionally, priority consideration will be given based on the average performance in mandatory courses during the initial 5 or 7 semesters, as applicable, of their enrollment. Click here to view previous assignments.

Academic Scheduling

You can find the detailed academic scheduling for:

  • the winter semester here,
  • the spring semester here.
Graduate Entry Exams

Under Greek law, graduates from Greek Universities can be admitted in the program through exams. Click here to learn more.

Teaching Certification

Students can opt to obtain teaching proficiency certificate for secondary and primary education. Click here to learn more.