Department of Informatics and Telematics

TitleNational Bank of Greece Information Systems Performance Monitoring for the effective support of the senior management
Funding InstrumentPrivately-funded
DescriptionUninterrupted operational readiness and continuous system monitoring in a bank is a prerequisite for providing consistent performance services to satisfy increased user demands. Often, the structure of computing systems, with increasing interconnection and complexity, constantly evolving and expanding them, creates isolated software islands, which are difficult to combine into a single monitoring system, as they have different interfaces and technologies. It is also extremely important internationally recognized that it has the perfect and timely information of executives, especially senior management, on the performance of the information systems and services they provide, as the critical decisions on the strategy are taken at this executive level and the operation of banking systems.
HUA's roleInformation system performance analysis study
Project Budget
HUA Budget
Contact personDimosthenis Anagnostopoulos (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
KeywordsPerformance Analysis, ITIL, Availability