Department of Informatics and Telematics

A system for the efficient use and presentation of the semantic content of articles (NEK 01833)

Duration: January 2013 - September 2013
Budget: 94,200 EUR (Budget for Harokopio University: 20.000 EUR)
Principal Investigator: Iraklis Varlamis

Ιn terms of the "New Innovative Entrepreneurship" project of the Operational Programme 'Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship' (OPCE) of the NSRF 2007-2013. The Department of Informatics and Telematics participate as a subcontractor in the proposal of in order to transfer knowledge to PALO Digital Technologies Ltd., on the extraction of semantic information from news articles. The development of prototype modules and the guidance of PALO engineers to incorporate the modules to the operational platform of the company, were part of the project.