Georgia Dede, Assistant Professor

Basic Information


Office: , floor

Phone: +30210 9549

E-mail: gdede[at]hua[dot]gr


Research Field: Evaluation of Systems and Electronic Services

Short CV

Georgia Dede is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics and Telematics of the School of Digital Technology of Harokopio University in the area of Evaluation of Systems and Electronic Services. She holds a PhD in Decision Making and Uncertainty Modeling for the Development of Roadmap for Future Home Networks from the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens (2015). She holds an MSc in Management and Economics of Telecommunication Networks from the Departments of Informatics and Telecommunications and Economic Sciences of the University of Athens (2007). She also holds a degree (BSc) in Informatics and Telecommunications from the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens (2005). Dr. Georgia Dede manages and participates in research and development programs funded by the European Union (Horizon Europe, Digital Europe). She has worked as Senior Information Security Consultant and Manager in the cybersecurity at Netcompany Intrasoft as well as at the European Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA). In the past she has also worked as research associate at the Universities of Athens and Patras participating in EU and national projects. She has published papers in scientific journals, books and conferences, and is also a reviewer in scientific journals.

Indicative Publications

1. Georgia Dede, Evangelia Filiopoulou, Despo Vaia Paroni, Christos Michalakelis, Thomas Kamalakis, "Analysis and Evaluation of Major COVID-19 Features: A Pairwise Comparison Approach", Operations Research Forum (2023), DOI: 10.1007/s43069-023-00201-y

2. Aggelos Skoufis, Georgios Chatzithanasis, Georgia Dede, Evangelia Filiopoulou, Thomas Kamalakis, Christos Michalakelis, "Technoeconomic assessment of an FTTH network investment in the Greek telecommunications market", Telecommunication Systems (2023), DOI: 10.1007/s11235-022-00971-6

3. Ioannis Routis, Cleopatra Bardaki, Mara Nikolaidou, Georgia Dede, Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos, "Exploring CMMN applicability to knowledge-intensive process modeling: An empirical evaluation by modelers", Knowledge and Process Management (2023), DOI: 10.1002/kpm.1738

4. Persefoni Mitropoulou, Eirini Papadopoulou, Georgia Dede, Christos Michalakelis, "Forecasting Competition in the Electricity Market of Greece: a Prey-Predator Approach", Operations Research Forum (2022), DOI: 10.1007/s43069-022-00143-x

5. Georgia Dede, Thomas Kamalakis, Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos, "A framework of incorporating confidence levels to deal with uncertainty in pairwise comparisons", Central European Journal of Operations Research (2022), DOI: 10.1007/s10100-020-00735-0